What is a 3-in-1 Laser Marker?

For the everyday small laser marking task, featuring the Class 1 Enclosure.
Marking Needs that do not fit in the enclosure, there is the Class 4 Toolpost option. Lastly,
a handheld option for larger workpieces, the ML-B-20 Portable. With the 3-in-1 concept,
the MarkinLASE-B can fit all of your Laser Marking needs.

Mark the most of material?

MarkinLASE have a feature 3-in-1 option, allowing for Tool Post attachment is
ideal for large workpieces, Class 1 Enclosure, and a Portable Enclosure,
turning it into a convenient laser marker, creating limitless possibilities.

Looking at alternative marking solutions?

We also supply dot peen solutions. Patmark and MarkinBOX have been the
strong brands in the industrial market as the most convenient dot peen marker.